Getting into "Maker Culture"

I think I've always beewn part of that culture since my early days desiging computer graphics and video editing on BETAMAX and VHS tapes in the 1990's. Writing a computer game for my GCSE based on the 1983 "Fighting Fantasy" book "City of Thieves" (

My friend Steve Holmes carried on in the world of electronics and I went off to find fame and fortune in software development. Steve often shows me his makes for his art installation works and AV installs for BBC philharmonic around the world. It was Steve who I contacted early on and he pointed me in the direction of the Ardiuno microprocessor board. This fascinated me and I recalled my old A-Level days and the basic foundation I learnt in electronic as part of "Design & Technology" course in the days before microprocessors where things that "normal" folk could get their hands on.

When Ada asked to make Wall-E I soon found a treasure trove of infromaion on the internet and YouTube, this has been a source of dead-ends and wasted money purchasing kit and kabooble that was not right for my needs. However the stand out teacher is Andreas Spiess "The guy with the Swiss accent" ( )

I have discovered that some of friends work in electrical engineering and the beginning of the journey I seemed to spend hours asking too many questions about electrivity and electronic componets..."how do the electrons know which battery to go back to if they share a common ground?", "what is a Schotky diode?"

Very soon I fell foul of the Dunning-Kruger effect and thought I knew it all. I looked around at the world and realised that everything had a microprocessor in it and how modern civilisation actually works at a technology level seemed to be revealed.

So eight months on in June 2019, I have started to climb back out of "the valley of despair".